Your Home Is Only As Beautiful As Its Lighting. Demand Brilliance.

Matt Rowan Matt Rowan | October 21, 2021 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

Consider this: when we scroll through Instagram looking for inspiration, what's the one thing that separates lackluster, uninteresting images from the extraordinary? It's light.


Lighting is the single most impactful part of any space, but it's often the last thing considered when designing it and making it real. And getting it right means navigating thousands of options, not to mention the complexities of layout, color, and controls. It can be a little daunting, and that's where the Dominion Lighting team comes in. Their lighting designers bring years of technical knowledge, design expertise, and industry insight to the table to make the entire process easy for both interior designers and regular homeowners.


Since truly understanding lighting means seeing and feeling it first-hand, Dominion took the unprecedented step of completely reimagining what a showroom should be. Their extraordinary new flagship in Arlington offers a sophisticated, gallery-like environment where you can touch, discern, and understand the scale and finish of fixtures from the top global luxury lighting brands. The advanced light lab immerses you in lighting effects, color, and the ease of using voice controls. And the kitchen, living room, and dining room vignettes demonstrate how extraordinary fixtures and hardware can elevate and define extraordinary environments.


The best-in-class experience has gained recognition across the country, winning five awards and becoming a new benchmark for the industry. It has also fulfilled another goal unseen in other similar spaces- it has become a "third place" for the neighborhood and art & design community. Not only was it the center of celebrations for the renaming of Lee Highway to Langston Boulevard, but now through November, it is hosting an exhibition of art from neighborhood artists of color and an exhibit of the heritage of the local African American community.


Arrange your personal appointment to experience this unparalleled space today, and make your own home brilliant.

Photography by: Stacy Zarin Goldberg, Joseph Tran