Ultra Body Sculpt Changes The Body Image Game

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We sat down with owners Amparo and Philip Rosen of Ultra Body Sculpt to ask some questions.


What led you to create Ultra Body Sculpt?

Amparo: Truthfully, I, myself have always struggled with body dysmorphia and weight fluctuation due to unhealthy yo-yo dieting such as the lemonade diet. I would be able to lose 20/30lbs in a matter of weeks but put all of it back on plus a little extra when I stopped. Furthermore, weight gain from medications and problem areas like bra fat or genetic saddlebags I just could not target, no matter how aggressive my diet and excercise was, the fat won’t go. I ended up convincing my husband to buy me our first machine because I wanted it for myself but because of the cost of the technology we decided to open it up as a business. Basically all the machines we use in our facility are ones I use for my self because I can actually target problem areas, fix my cellulite, tighten saggy skin, and build/tone muscles.

What is something you want every patient coming in to know?

Amparo: We offer a variety of affordable treatments for anybody looking to make a serious change about the way they look and feel about their body. Treatments are customized individually to every client. In Fat Blasting, Cellulite, and Skin Tightening treatments, for instance, our procedures' are much more than just one simple machine; combining over nine different technologies, we customize a program based on the client's specific wants and needs. We monitor key body metrics such as hydration levels and use our DEXA scan to get specific visceral, android, or gynoid fat data. By understanding the compositions of the body areas that we work on, we help patients understand their bodies.


What is one thing you want our audience to know about your practice?

Amparo: We want to change the way people look and feel about their bodies. Our practice wants to truly partner with patients to customize their body goals, and our experts design tailored treatment protocols to get help get them incredible results. It’s a customized, tailored, personalized experience for every individual. It’s not quick-service; we thoroughly take all client factors into consideration: likes, dislikes, preferences, etc. We’re there for you, always updating and getting the latest, best FDA cleared medical devices because I use them. I do a lot of research before getting machines, and if I believe in them, I’m gonna offer them.

What are some of your favorite transformative stories?

Amparo: My biggest loss was with a six-month client “trying it out,” who had tried everything: a trainer, Weight Watchers, you name it. A toxic relationship made her feel insufficient; even her trainer left her broken. We were her last resort. She had the “kangaroo pouch,” post-baby. After breaking down her DEXA scan, we explained her moments of indulgence and binge-eating were the reasons why she was struggling. After acknowledging her body's stored trauma and the importance of honoring it, empowerment and control started.

We started with baby steps, putting her on a probationary period to see if she was able to commit. I had her do a 45-minute walk on an incline for 10 days and checked in on her and her hydration about two/three times a week. She lost two inches in the first two hours, and this was just the beginning, as technologies and slow processing were still working. After working on her interior with technology, we restored her confidence. Her total loss in her entire body was 56 inches, and 28 inches on her torso alone!


What makes Ultra Body Sculpt the best choice?

Amparo: Our coaching process; we don’t just take any client nor do we view them as a means to a transaction. It consists of a personalized assessment of commitment level, the actual goals that you want to achieve, and other factors like the time of transformation. We start with a client interview to test fit you and if you believe you are capable of the commitment, we start your treatments for the better you. Throughout the entire time, we’re performing updates, routine coaching, holding clients accountable, and building relationships. I remember almost every single client.

Philip: If a client’s just looking for an easy push-button, not looking for life change, they’re not the client we want. We want people that are interested in transformation.

What would you say to first-timers who may be hesitant or nervous about their first treatment?

Amparo: Our weight loss service simply accelerates the natural process of what the body is already doing. The added benefit of using our technology is we can target specific areas so you will be able to lose fat in those stubborn areas first. Traditional diet and exercise work but perform at a very microscopic pace. When healthy dieting and exercise is used in conjunction with our treatments you will be getting months of results in a matter of weeks. Lastly, all of our services offered have zero downtime so your life can carry on completely normal as you transform into the best version of your self.


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