Top Four Non-Surgical Body Contouring Treatments You Need to Know about

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Concerned about stubborn fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise? How about loose skin, diminishing muscle tone and cellulite?

Did you know that you can address all these issues now, without surgery or downtime?

Headed by award-wining and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Bitar, the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute has the largest array of non-surgical body contouring treatments in the Washington, DC area. Here are the most popular ones:


QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injectable for the treatment of moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. QWO is an injectable treatment that targets a primary structural cause of cellulite— the fibrous septae. These fibers pull the skin down causing the uneven & dimpled appearance of cellulite. The procedure consists of 3 treatments 3 weeks apart. Results are seen within 3 months.

The QWO Injection contains Enzymes called collagenases that target the structural causes under the skin, where cellulite starts. QWO works by releasing fibrous bands, redistributing fat cells, and stimulating the growth of new collagen.


Are you bothered by stubborn fat on your thighs, tummy, flanks, bra roll or arms? Did you consider liposuction, but could not afford the downtime that comes with surgery? Fortunately, improvements in technology have made it a reality to achieve non-surgical fat reduction through a ground-breaking procedure: Coolsculpting®. Coolsculpting® is a technology that safely and effectively freezes fat to improve the contour of unsightly bulges of the body that are resistant to exercise and diet. Check out these amazing results!

Treatment involves a reasonably comfortable procedure performed in the office without any medications. The affected areas are marked with a marking template. A cool gel sheet is applied to protect the skin. A suction cup device is applied to the problem area, which suctions the skin and fat in and gently freezes the fat. The crystallization of fat leads to permanent clearance of these fat cells and byproducts through the lymphatic system and liver. The permanent reduction in fat cells leads to a significant reduction in size of the bulge. More dramatic improvement can be achieved with two sessions separated one month apart. After the procedure, patients can drive themselves home and resume normal activities that same day. Most patients are candidates for Coolsculpting® unless they are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a cold-related blood disorder.


Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute is proud to be the first plastic surgery practice to introduce EMSCULPT™ in the northern Virginia and Washington DC area.

EMSCULPT™ is the first machine in the world that can build muscle and reduce fat to the abdomen and buttock areas with no surgery or downtime. While our current arsenal of non-surgical devices works well to reduce excess fat and tighten the skin without surgery, we have not seen any device other than EMSCULPT™ that has been clinically proven to build muscles.

EMSCULPT™ targets problem areas by using high-intensity focused magnetic energy (HIFEM) to stimulate the muscle contractions, building muscle and burning unwanted fat. This stimulation is said to mimic the effect of 20,000 squats/sit-ups in each 30-minute session. Don’t believe us? Look at these results!


Our institute is proud to offer the Exilis Ultra 360™ Non-Surgical Skin Tightening treatment. The Exilis Ultra 360™ is the only FDA cleared device to simultaneously combine radio frequency and ultrasound to tighten loose skin, address fine lines, and body concerns. This unique device uses controlled heating and cooling to ensure that energy is delivered to various depths of the tissue. This process creates collagen production, resulting in skin tightening, smoothing, and contouring of troublesome areas. With the utilization of 5 different applicator tips, this device can treat any area of the body head to toe.

The EXILIS ULTRA 360™ provides the most advanced non-surgical solution, treating your face and body parts safely, efficiently, and without pain. Most patients describe the sensation of the therapy as being comparable to that of a pain-free, hot stone massage. The treatment is performed in a lying position so you can easily relax during the procedure. To get optimum results each patient will need start with 4-6 treatments scheduled 2-4 weeks apart. Each area takes between 15-30 minutes per session. View some of our patients’ results.

Interested in booking an appointment for non-surgical body contouring? Call our office at 703 206 0506 or submit an online request here. If you are interested in seeing more photos, videos, and learning about the different procedures the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute offers, follow us on Instagram @theBitarInstitute.

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