Top 5 Global Bites

BY Nevin Martell | January 12, 2017 | Feature Features

Five new inspired bakeries showcase pastries from Hawaii to Paris.
Delcious and chewy Turkish simits from Simit and Smith.

Though they’re shaped like a bagel, these Turkish delights have a crackly crust, a feathery interior and plenty of chew, so they’re more like a baguette than the deli favorite. $3, Simit and Smith

Speculoos Merveilleux
Say bonjour to the decadent merveilleux pastry. Featuring layers of meringue and whipped cream, one standout version at this Franco-Belgian bakery comes covered with ginger and cinnamon spiced Speculoos cookie crumbs. $5, Un Je Ne Sais Quoi

Strawberry Mint Macaron
The freshest flavors unite in this delicate round. The berry’s sweet notes meld perfectly with the pepperminty pop to create a memorable bite that recalls Paris in May. $2, Lavande Patisserie

Pineapple Roll
Aaron Silverman’s hit restaurant houses a chic gold-accented cafe whose specialty is a frosted Hawaiian-inspired sweet roll packed with cardamom-accented pineapple butter. $3, Pineapple & Pearls

Cream Puff
The popular Japanese chain packs airy pastry shells to order with an array of fillings, including darkly sweet dulce de leche with svelte vanilla custard. $4, Beard Papa’s

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