The Advocate for Modern Design in D.C.

By Melissa Puppo By Melissa Puppo | October 30, 2023 | People, Sponsored Post,


In the world of real estate, where tradition typically commands the spotlight, there is a niche that is nothing short of awe-inspiring yet often misunderstood: modern residential architecture. Ron Mangas, Jr., the senior vice president and founding member of listModern Group at TTR Sotheby's International Realty, has devoted much of his career to unraveling the intricacies of this architectural wonder. While he operates in the Tri-State area of Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, he extends his expertise to represent fine modern homes, transcending geographical boundaries.

“I have a deep appreciation for architecture, specifically modern architecture, and find joy in conveying the qualities of these homes to like-minded clients,” he says of the “strictly modernism, mid-20th century adaptations” and “brilliantly executed contemporaries” he works with. “My buyer clients seek the exceptional modern homes completed by the sellers I represent.”


Defining a truly modern home, Mangas emphasizes the importance of material choices, sustainable sensibilities, and lifestyle considerations. While the interest in this style of architecture has burgeoned over the past few decades, Mangas notes that the unique character of the D.C. area's regional development, historical context, and the substantial investment required to craft architecturally significant homes will always keep modern homes relatively rare. “This category makes up a tiny percentage of the overall market,” he says. “Even the most exquisite nationally celebrated modern home can be deemed an ‘ugly duckling’ within its surrounding neighborhood, purely misunderstood. So, we built a pedestal.”


Mangas remains at the forefront, recently collaborating with the Modern Architecture + Design Society (MADS) to host its D.C. Modern Home Tour in October. This annual self-guided tour allowed guests to explore exceptional homes in the D.C. metro area and engage with the builders and designers who brought them to life. It provided an excellent platform for attendees to seek insights into their remodeling projects or envisioning their modern dream homes. A standout moment of this year's event was a glimpse inside a 1975 Hugh Newell Jacobsen-designed home, renowned for its “ingenious siting” and “the simple elegance of its four gabled forms.” As a seasoned real estate professional dedicated to modern architecture, Mangas also played an integral role on the advisory committee for the inaugural D.C. Latin American Design Week (LAD), and was a prominent sponsor. The yearly event celebrates Latin American design excellence.


Photography by: Courtesy of Ron Mangas