Prominent Alexandria Boutique, She's Unique, Launches Permanent Jewelry

By She's Unique By She's Unique | May 11, 2023 | Lifestyle Sponsored Post


This spring, She’s Unique launched Permanent Jewelry at its King Street location. Permanent Jewelry has taken off in the past few years and as anyone who shops Katya’s perfectly curated collections at her adorable boutique in the heart of Old Town, knows she has the pulse on all the trends. Not only does She’s Unique offer a wide selection of dainty and fashionable jewelry, this Alexandria boutique staple is excited to be offering appointments for permanen jewelry Thursday, Friday and Saturday weekly.


Gone are the days of fiddling with your bracelet clasp or asking your partner to put it on for you. Permanent jewelry welds a 14K, Goldfill or Sterling Silver chain right on your wrist, ankle or neck. It is so effortless, lightweight and convenient, you will forget you’re wearing it until your eye catches your sparkly wrist in your yoga class and you smile at how cute and put together you look even when you work out.


We fit the chain of your choice to your wrist (ankle or neck) and with a quick spark your bracelet is welded together. You don’t ever need to take it off, however if you do want to remove it, a simple pair of scissors will take it right off. Permanent jewelry makes even the “can’t get out of workout clothes” days fashionable


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