Open Roads, Open Minds : A driving experience with Porsche and DC Magazine

Modern Luxury Editors Modern Luxury Editors | September 21, 2020 | Lifestyle, Features, Sponsored Post,

PR Maven, Aba Kwawu, shares how driving provides inspiration and escape.

Now more than ever we are looking for outlets of escape--a long run, a good book, a solo drive; perfect solitary moments of reflection that give peace to an uncertain and chaotic world. The freedom of the open road has always been a moment of sanctuary for DC’s own, Aba Kwawu, an escape that was passed down through generations.

“I grew up with a father who loved to drive. He would just throw us in the car and drive. And we would drive across this country,” Kwawu, President at TAA PR said. “Now driving for me is a wonderful and unexpected escape. Excitement comes along with every twist and turn of the road. A lot of times my best ideas come to me while I’m on my way to some place. It really does become an escape, a mental escape.”

The Porsche Panamera provided the perfect driving santancuary as Kwawu joined other Washington D.C. car enthusiasts for an afternoon drive in Northern Virginia, as part of Porsche’s Stay Driven Tour. Winding through the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, guests enjoyed an afternoon test-driving the latest fleet of vehicles from Porsche.

From Northern Virginia to downtown DC, the Mid-Atlantic region provides diverse backdrops for the perfect drive.

“There are some really beautiful areas that are just right outside of the city,” Kwawu said. “But even inside of the city, DC provides some beautiful driving experiences.” Kwawu said. “A drive at night to see the monuments all aglow, or a great airport park where we'll go and just watch

the planes fly overhead. There are just so many wonderful places in the city to drive to.”

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Photography by: Courtesy of Porsche