Miele: The Sleek, Sustainable, and Available Luxury Appliance Brand

By Emily Cavaliere, ABW Appliances North Bethesda By Emily Cavaliere, ABW Appliances North Bethesda | March 2, 2021 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

Amidst a global pandemic, one luxury appliance brand has maintained their production level despite the complications that have arisen this year. Miele, a beloved German household appliance company, remains steadfast in their Immer Besser mantra. Immer Besser means "forever better," and Miele continues to live up to their adage, even during the most uncertain time in recent history.


While other companies have struggled to meet the growing appliance demand of the last year, Miele has ensured that nearly every one of their appliances and products are in stock and ready to be shipped. Miele's lack of backordered products are not the only thing that sets them apart in today's appliance world. Miele also maintains a commitment to sustainability, ensuring that their products set standards in their class when it comes to energy and water consumption.

Buy Green, Feel Good

Though we mean well, often our own sustainability efforts are short lived: purchasing reusable shopping bags and accidentally leaving them in the car; buying a chic glass water bottle only to find yourself buying disposable plastic bottles at the gym. The purchase of a Miele product is a commitment to both quality and eco-friendliness that the customer can feel good about for years to come. 02_Miele_Go_Green_Lifestyle_Images.png

One of the most important ways Miele has become the environmental frontrunner is by making appliances that are built to last. Miele tests their appliances to ensure they last up to 20 years.

Before it reaches your home, you can feel confident that environmental measures were taken during the production of your Miele appliance. The company has reduced its energy consumption at its plants by more than 15% since 2000, and has plans to raise that number by 5% by 2025.


As a global leader in their field, Miele recognizes their responsibility to the Earth and makes environmental stewardship a part of its corporate culture. In their plants and offices throughout Germany and Austria, employees can be found learning the science of beekeeping as they tend to the beehives that reside in the neighboring fields.

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