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Gut Theory Total Digestive Care’s top healthcare professional Dr. Janese Laster changes lives by starting with patients’ guts. No one understands that weight management and overall health starts with the gut better than Dr. Laster, who is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Obesity Medicine and nutrition. She takes pride in her assurance of happy, healthy long lives in every patient. After completing an Internal Medicine residency, Gastroenterology fellowship at Georgetown University, Dr. Laster completed advanced training via the Nestle Clinical Nutrition fellowship and bariatric endoscopic training with an international expert at the HM University Sanchinarro Hospital in Madrid, Spain. After years of specialized training she has truly become a reputable, qualified leader in Gastroenterology and weight management who uses her expertise to help patients in the District area at Gut Theory Total Digestive Care.


Within the local community, Dr. Laster is a respected guest speaker for local groups to discuss topics like common GI complaints, the importance of healthy diets, and awareness of colorectal cancer. She also consistently participates in her field’s research via publications in peer reviewed journals in gastroenterology, nutrition, and bariatric endoscopy. Armed with all of her training and personal experiences giving back to her community, Dr. Laster has tirelessly emphasized and carried out her main goal of helping patients get on the right track to maintain healthier body weights through sustainable lifestyle changes, personalized nutrition education, counseling, pharmacology, and endoscopic techniques.

Gut Theory offers customized, evidence-based weight management services tailored to each patient and their needs. Patients will receive nutrition education and guidance along with anti-obesity weight loss medications, and when needed, noninvasive weight loss procedures such as an intragastric balloon or endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty. Patients who qualify for weight loss surgeries, but may be afraid of more invasive procedures, can finally reap the benefits of weight loss through Dr. Laster’s intermediate interventions. Schedule a non-invasive, incision-less treatment at Gut Theory Total Digestive Care in Northwest D.C. today!

Patients have the option to explore a membership and maintenance route that best suits them, where Gut Theory offers varied membership tiers to encourage a consistent-follow up on nutrition and weight management via in-office visits and/or telemedicine consultations for progress monitoring, determination of the need for changes in nutritional plan, and weight-check ins to provide accountability for patients, along with early intervention for potential weight plateau or regain. Patients can book a free consultation, and also finance a customized lifestyle plan that effectively works and considers comprehensive medical history, a nutrition consultation, pharmacologic therapy, and endoscopic bariatric procedures.

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