Meet Dynamic Women 2021 Dr. Ivory Hancock of IVORY DC

Ivory DC Ivory DC | September 30, 2021 | People Style & Beauty Sponsored Post

2034060.jpgIvory Hancock, DMD, Ivory Dental Centre, President & CEO

Persistent with a tenacious spirit, Ivory Hancock, DMD, is the president and CEO of Ivory Dental Centre, one of the few Black-owned dental practices in the CityCenterDC neighborhood. Dr. Hancock not only transforms smiles, but helps her patients gain the self-confidence they deserve.


Dr. Hancock’s interest in dentistry was sparked by her mentor, who Dr. Hancock watched run her business and raise a family, while also keeping up with her own schedule and being active in the community. This mentorship had a dynamic influence on Dr. Hancock’s career and she continues the tradition of supporting other women in dentistry today by referring patients to other female doctors when needed and supporting her own team of female associates. She is proud to be a part of a dentist community that leans on each other, utilizes each other’s resources, celebrates each other’s successes and listens to one another.

In the months ahead, Dr. Hancock is looking forward to launching Club IV at Ivory Dental Centre, an exclusive program for patients who are underinsured. She and her team will also be expanding the dental office to allow women from other areas of expertise to practice dentistry there. When not giving her patients beautiful smiles, Dr. Hancock commits her time to learning more about dentistry, as the practice is ever-changing. She also enjoys her self-care routine and maintaining a fun and healthy work-life balance in her free time.

920 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite G10A, Washington, DC 20001


Photography by: Karen Dixon