Meet DC Magazine Modern Man: Reza Golesorkhi, Esq.

By Reza Golesorkhi (Joseph, Greenwald, Laake) By Reza Golesorkhi (Joseph, Greenwald, Laake) | December 29, 2023 | People Sponsored Post

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A prominent attorney, community figure and family man, Reza Golesorkhi’s tenacity and personal values come together to create the perfect storm. Recognized for his courtroom advocacy, Golesorkhi ranks in an elite group of DC’s best.

Introduced to the practice of law in college, Golesorkhi’s interest was piqued by one of his professors–A practicing attorney, who often used real-life examples in his teachings. From then on, Golesorkhi was hooked. Golesorkhi’s success is two-pronged. While he’s known as a fierce litigator, much of his admiration comes from his strong moral compass and personal values. Prioritizing traditional family values, like commitment and fatherhood, he brings a strong sense of ethics to each facet of his life.

“One of my mentors, Judge S. Michael Pincus, always told me to ‘Live by your principles and values. Your integrity is a valuable asset,’” explains Golesorkhi. “Upholding high ethical standards in your personal and professional life is essential for building trust and maintaining your reputation.”

Passionate about giving back to his community, Golesorkhi believes in the importance of donation and volunteer work. Whether that comes in the form of mentorship, financial support or coaching youth football, he’s always looking to do more for those around him. He uses his faith as a guiding principle, building his personal and professional relationships on the foundation of honesty and loyalty.

An embodiment of the Modern Man, Golesorkhi leads by example and sets the standard for others in his industry. Serving as a beacon of light for aspiring young attorneys, his outlook is a force for positive change in his community and beyond.






Photography by: Courtesy of Mynor Ventura