Meet 2021 Top Agent Randolph Adams

By Randolph Adams By Randolph Adams | October 29, 2021 | Home & Real Estate, People, Sponsored Post,

Meet the Founder of The Randolph Adams Group at Mcwilliams/Ballard, Randolph Adams.


Highlight of the Year: I was finishing an inspection on a property with a first time homebuyer client, and I happened to receive some front row, almost on the field, tickets to the last Nats game of the season which coincidentally occurred right after the inspection. The inspection went great, and I took my client to that game and my client turned to me midway through the game and said “I think this is the best day of my life!” That’s about as good as it gets.


Great Expectations: I always begin with the end in mind, always considering how a property could provide value over time or adding value to a property before selling. I am a creative realtor whose intellectual curiosity toward life and business keep me on the cutting edge of the industry.


Real Estate Reflections: With everyone having time on their hands, we’re seeing seismic re-evaluations when it comes to living situations. Some want to get out of the city entirely, while others are moving from smaller to larger condos. The condo market has been heating up, and due to the divergence of the housing market and the condo market, we’re seeing deals in places like DuPont and Logan Circle selling at a discount to the single family home market. With very little upward pressure on the marketplace for condos, you are seeing deals out there that wouldn’t have existed before.


Business Mantra: “Treat everyone with dignity and respect and always listen deeply to clients.”

Dream Team: I pride myself on having a carefully curated network of professionals at the ready. There are relationships I maintain that are sacrosanct and solid with title companies, lenders, permitting offices and even law enforcement. You name it, and I have a connection there

Brokerage: The Randolph Adams Group at Mcwilliams/Ballard

Phone: 202.656.8019

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