Logan 14 is pleased to introduce Aesthetic Injector Tori Taillac MSHS PA-C

Logan 14 Logan 14 | November 12, 2020 | Lifestyle Style & Beauty Sponsored Post

Tori Taillac is an accomplished Physician’s Assistant for the past 4 years and has traded in the full-time chaos of the ER for the aesthetic care and services she provides at Logan 14 Med Spa. From the ER She brings with her a wide variety of experience in guest care and has found a great balance with both work environments. What she enjoys most about being an Aesthetic injector is the Long-term relationship building and the artistry needed to perform customized Med Spa services. Her client base enjoys a spectrum of services, including Botox and fillers. She most enjoys lip filler since the lips are so expressive and the guest can experience instant results. With the increase of virtual meetings and events many people have discovered new goals when it comes to their look and skincare. She works with her guests on these new found goals and is delivering customized care at each visit. She knows her guest’s goals are personal and her approach to the quality of care she delivers. Even booking follow up appointment to make sure that their goals where achieved and they are satisfied with their results. Tori always has her guest’s individual goals in mind and is consistently training on new injection methods and updating herself on the artistry of filler. Among these educational endeavors, Tori is currently enrolled in a Post Master nutrition program. This allows her to treat her guests holistically with her wealth of knowledge and personalizing each and every service. She is a stand out member of the Logan 14 Med spa team and is currently accepting new guests. Whether you are a med spa pro or coming in for the first time, Tori will listen to your needs and deliver a great experience for you at Logan 14 Med Spa.

Photography by: Logan 14