Keeping Up With Ally

Ally Brito Public Relations Ally Brito Public Relations | October 1, 2020 | People, Sponsored Post,

Ally Brito is one of those people who doesn’t seem to slow down, and for good reason: She’s typically in demand among a growing list of national and international clients. For nearly 20 years, Brito has taken an elevated approach to content curation and marketing strategy, audience engagement and analysis, and crisis management for leading businesses and brands worldwide.“I love what I do, and it’s always exciting to help my clients succeed in their ongoing mission,” says Brito, whose firm sits at the nexus between the political, pop-culture and corporate worlds. She helps build brand narratives and create advanced marketing solutions for A-list celebrities, politicians and Fortune 500 companies. Lately, she’s added another tool to her arsenal: co-producer of an exciting docu-series. As a VP of Communications for Bee Roll Media, partnership with media superstar and Emmy nominee Eric Bolling, Brito has embarked on a journey thrilled and surprised her. “If you would have told me I’d be flying in Blackhawk helicopters or going behind the scenes with the United States Drug Czar, I would never have believed you,” Brito says. “But I have a knack for meeting fascinating people and turning those interactions into communications gold.” Which is exactly where she finds herself now. While the new docu-series is still in the production mode, it’s apparent Brito can’t wait for the world to see this life- changing storytelling. “This entire project initially started as a PSA for substance abuse,” says Brito. “But then Eric and I started getting access to some of the most incredible parts of the world and scores of ascinating people.” Each part of the series will focus on a different subject, whether it’s sports (NASCAR), business (Goya) or music (Fender Guitars). The series also will take Brito and Bolling to places like Cuba, where they discuss the reopening of the country to new business opportunities.


Photography by: Ally Brito Public Relations