It's Time to Prioritize Your Reproductive Health

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In the landscape of reproductive health, questions are raised as to how well-versed we individually are about our own fertility. While some may not plan to have children for years to come, staying well-informed about your fertility options can protect your future dreams of one day expanding your family. CCRM Fertility, a global pioneer in fertility treatment, research and science, aims to shed light on the current notions and concerns regarding fertility, so those who plan to get pregnant in the future can be proactive in protecting their reproductive well-being.

Meet Georgette Kerr, a former CCRM Fertility patient who began her journey after she and her husband received a male factor balanced translocation (BT) diagnosis. With cutting-edge research and expertise in various genetic issues, Georgette chose CCRM Fertility because of its dedicated staff, including genetic counselors and appointed nurses who could best support them emotionally and physically. Dr. Carter Owen walked alongside Georgette during two retrievals and embryo transfers. The first transfer resulted in a miscarriage, a severe risk BT diagnosed patients are up against when becoming pregnant. Georgette received Dr. Owen’s personal cell number, so they could feel comfortable and cared for by the entire CCRM Fertility team. The second embryo transfer resulted in Georgette successfully delivering their first child — a healthy baby girl born in October last year. For those who have questions regarding their own fertility, Georgette recommends those eager parents-to-be to stay informed, advocate for oneself and find an uplifting community that will walk alongside them.


CCRM Fertility recently revealed their results from the State of Fertility survey concerning gaps of knowledge regarding fertility and reproductive health among 25–44-year-olds. The study of 1,000 greater Northern Virginia residents (including sections of Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia) discovered more than one-third of respondents have struggled with infertility when trying to conceive, and 66% admitted to feeling "uninformed," "clueless" or only "somewhat knowledgeable" about their fertility health. Dr. Mark Payson, CCRM Fertility’s Northern Virginia’s Practice Director, sees these prevalent misunderstandings in locals of reproductive age pointing to a larger issue: more needs to be done to educate and support people on their fertility journeys ahead.

Founded in 1987, CCRM Fertility is the nation’s leader in fertility care and research: they possess a deep expertise within in-vitro fertilization (IVF), fertility assessment, fertility preservation, pre-implantation genetic testing, LGBTQ family-building and egg donation. From telehealth consultations to easy-to-use resources like CCRM TV, the industry-leading fertility center is here to answer any of your questions surrounding reproductive health. Simply put, it is never too early to proactively prepare for the fertility journey ahead.

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