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Exclusive Resorts Villa at Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica

Travel had always been an important part of Chris Jackson’s life. Along with his wife and two daughters, Chris regularly spent weekends with friends in the mountains, sunned at luxury resorts in the Caribbean, and booked upscale vacation rentals around the world. Then, the pandemic hit, and it all came to a halt. “We had five trips cancelled,” Jackson says. “When we were ready to travel again, everything was either booked up or seemed too risky.”

That’s when Jackson started looking into Exclusive Resorts, a small, members-only vacation club with more than 400+ luxury residences and experiences in 75+ destinations. His family had traveled with other members in the past, joining friends on vacations to the club’s private homes from Cabo to Costa Rica to Sea Island Georgia to Barcelona and more. Members enjoy larger spaces with private pools, daily housekeeping, and a dedicated concierge to manage every detail.

Exclusive Resorts Villa at Casali di Casole, Tuscany, Italy

“With Exclusive Resorts, there’s a trust that everything is going to be up to a certain standard. We don’t have to wonder whether it’s going to be good but can relax and enjoy ourselves already knowing it will be,” he says. “And unlike hotels with a shared concierge, you have your own on-site team taking care of you every step of the way. It makes the big family trips so much easier.”

Unsurprisingly, with today’s travelers looking for certainty in an increasingly unpredictable world, Exclusive Resorts’ privatized membership model is more appealing than ever. The Club has recently experienced four years of unprecedented growth. For over 20 years, it has grown its vacation portfolio to more 400 residences and experiences in 75 locations spanning all seven continents. Unlike their industry peers, they’ve stayed intentional about its growth— welcoming just 200 families per year to their community of 4,500 members. Every family is matched with an expert ambassador who acts as a personal travel planner and real-time problem solver for each vacation, while on-site, a dedicated personal concierge takes care of every detail big or small, from dinner reservations and grocery delivery to arranging in-home health visits and private chef experiences. Jackson recalls a time when a flight to Los Cabos was cancelled, leaving his family stranded in the Phoenix Airport and, under normal circumstances, potentially ruining the entire trip. “Our ambassador Jason immediately had everyone working on a solution to make sure we didn’t miss a minute of our vacation.”

Exclusive Resorts Residence at The Arrabelle at Vail, Colorado

Like any country club, Exclusive Resorts members pay a one-time initiation fee (starting at $195,000 for a 10-year plan) and Annual Dues of around $50,000 for 30 nights.* Most families opt to travel with the club 30 nights per year. Says Jackson, the value is exceptional, especially when compared with the way his family traveled before. “If you’re spending a week in Hawaii, just getting a suite for four guests during peak season is roughly what the annual dues are for Exclusive Resorts. The initiation fee quickly pays for itself.”

Since becoming members in late 2020, the Jacksons have established routines that allow them to enjoy more quality time with family while staying connected with business- a work from anywhere model. “Most of the homes have private offices or spare bedrooms where I can dedicate a few hours of my day to work,” he says, adding that the ability to work from anywhere compelled him to upgrade his membership from 15 to 30 days of travel a year. “It’s such a relief to not have to choose between running my business and the valuable time I want to spend with my family on these vacations.”

Still, for Mr. Jackson, the greatest benefit of an Exclusive Resorts membership is the life-changing commitment to spending more time with family. “The way we used to travel, we’d say, ‘Well, when there’s time,’ and there would always be an excuse to postpone, but having these 30 days locked in every year, we’re traveling more together as a family than ever. We always have an amazing trip to look forward to.” It has also inspired them to experience new destinations, such as a trip to St Andrews in Scotland he plans to take with his teenage daughter—an avid golfer—for her 18th birthday. “Kids grow fast, and these vacations are helping us create memories that will last forever,” he says. “Every single Exclusive Resorts trip has the potential to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

*The Annual Dues amount reflected herein is inclusive of certain services, benefits, and access rights. See for more information.

Exclusive Resorts Cottage at The Cloister at Sea Island, Georgia

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