How Arash Shirazi Stays Fit in Style

BY Michael McCarthy and Lauren Staehle | May 4, 2017 | Feature Features

As a film producer and president of an agency that reps Grammy winners, this native Washingtonian lives life in sixth gear.

Arash Shirazi admits he gets bored easily. It’s probably led to success as the co-founder of The Bullitt Agency; slowing down isn’t an option, especially when the Miami Film Festival debuts your first documentary. The Rockville native varies his routine between interval and weight training, running, boxing and yoga. “DC is one of the best cities for fitness—we have so many options to choose from,” Shirazi says. “Wellness is about intersecting mind, body and nutrition. Don’t pursue only an aesthetic goal; instead, think of fitness as a bigger conduit to become your best self.”


“I’ve been going to Bella Bethesda for 10 years, and the staff is great.”

“I work out with a trainer at Balance Gym who pushes me more than I think I would ever push myself. We also box, which is always fun.”

“I visited Aloe Wellness when I was really lethargic for a period, and the staff determined I had food allergies. It definitely helped!”

“I alternate between Sakara Life and Power Supply. Both are fantastic.”

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