Shape Up for Summer with This Fitness Guru's Fitness Tips

By Abby Dupes | April 16, 2021 | Lifestyle Workout Studios

Fitness guru and owner of Old Town’s Sculp’d Pilates studio, Betsy Weissman, shares her secrets to shape up for summer.

Betsy Weissman is the owner of Sculp’d in Old Town Alexandria. PHOTO BY TINA LEU FOTOS
Betsy Weissman is the owner of Sculp’d in Old Town Alexandria.

Betsy Weissman will be the first to tell any of her clients that staying fit, especially during a cold and wet winter, is all about the follow-through: Show up and do the work. Now that spring is here, she emphasizes even more consistency to prep for beach weather. The owner of Sculp’d ( offers a range of classes that are challenging yet welcoming, especially for newcomers. She sat down with us to offer her take on year-round fitness.

“Take charge of your diet,” says Weissman. “Nothing major to start, but, on a basic level, try to increase your water intake—maybe about 75 ounces per day—and add in more high-quality protein sources, so you have roughly 30 grams of protein per meal. More water and protein will help you feel fuller for longer.”

“In our hardcore Pilates reformer classes, all of our moves are slow and intentional,” says Weissman. “There’s a reason for this—we’re using time under tension. By slowing down the moves, it helps to enhance your metabolic response and encourage muscle growth. So, whether you’re lifting weights at the gym, using 1-gallon laundry detergent jugs or joining me in class, remember to slow your moves down.”

“I was never one for long cardio sets,” admits Weissman. “I find them tedious and could never stay interested long enough. Enter the high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, workout, where you can go hard for 20 to 30 minutes to optimize the benefits. Plenty of studies show that bursts of high-intensity moves are more effective for weight loss. We offer plenty of HIIT workouts online.”

“Enlist a friend or post your goals on Facebook—anything to put it out there,” says Weissman. “It makes it harder for you to just pull the covers over your head and avoid that morning routine. Set yourself up for success by getting a friend to join you for that 7AM workout. You wouldn’t stand her up—would you?”

“My clients who have the best results plan ahead to get ahead,” says Weissman. “Every Sunday, plan your healthy meals, shop for healthy snacks and schedule your workouts like a work meeting. You wouldn’t skip a meeting with your boss, right? Plan your week, set yourself up for success and go slay it. You got this.”

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Photography by: Photo by Tina Leu Fotos