Envisioning What's Next, Sherri Anne Green, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

By Sherri Anne Green By Sherri Anne Green | March 23, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,

1)_Rev_SherriAnneGreen_Blue_Cropped.jpgSherri Anne Green, Global Luxury Specialist, Photo by Eli Turner

Meet Sherri Anne Green of Coldwell Banker Realty. As a Global Luxury Specialist, she has been awarded numerous awards most recently she was recognized as one of the top 3% of agents Internationally.

Sherri Anne brings a unique eye to her real estate clients. She focuses on being a guide for them as they go to sell or buy their house. “My first job is to uncover my client’s vision. You see, buyers buy more than a house; they buy a home that illustrates where their life is going and maybe more importantly where they want it to go. Helping a buyer define their vision or showing that vision as we market a home for sale is of the utmost importance.”

As we head into the Spring Market, we wanted to get her take on what she envisions next for the luxury market and its buyers.

What interior design trends are you seeing impacting real estate sales?

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Color and texture.

Buyers are moving away from their “grey dependency” as I call it. Grey and white was everywhere and buyers were loving it. But now, they are open to more color. Muted blues and greens that work well with neutrals are becoming beautiful backgrounds in kitchens and living rooms.

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Texture is also becoming something buyers are paying attention to—on everything from flooring to hardware. And speaking of hardware, buyers are more honed-in on the choices for cabinet pulls, light switch covers and other fixtures. One of the fastest ways to elevate a design is with the hardware you select. Bespoke designs in metal finishes that veer slightly from more traditional “seen everywhere” pieces can instantly communicate luxury and value. Adding metal finishes to other pieces of furniture ties in the trend.

What defines luxury in real estate and what is the mindset of a luxury purchaser?

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In real estate, luxury is initially thought of in terms of value—in terms of being a premium. A premium of space, or price point, or size of home. It also is in the custom touches that make any home luxurious—art lighting, smart technology, designer finishes. It’s also in the special spaces that the size of the home affords. Premium spaces like home gyms, gaming and theater rooms, and museum like walk-in custom closets, and beautiful outdoor spaces.

To the luxury purchaser, a home is an expression of their lifestyle. They seek a home for refuge and refueling as much as entertaining—where the weight of the world is released at the door. Finding a home that specifically meets their unique needs is paramount. Personalization is the ultimate luxury.

5)_Rev_Sherri_Anne_Seated_Bookcases.jpgSherri Anne Green, Global Luxury Specialist, Photo by Eli Turner

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