Enhance Your Home With Holly Hunt Wallcoverings

Michael McCarthy | April 26, 2021 | Home & Real Estate People

Holly Hunt introduces a wallcovering collection available at the Washington Design Center.
Dynasty Taupe

As homeowners and their designers assess rooms and make plans this spring for reimagining entire spaces, color and texture will definitely play roles—especially on our walls. Jo Annah Kornack, senior vice president and creative director at Holly Hunt (hollyhunt.com), led the development of a new portfolio of wallcovering from the brand. Here, she discusses the options and offers suggestions for enhancing rooms this spring. Washington Design Center, 1099 14th St. NW, Ste. 240, 202.554.2910, designcenterdc.com

Jo Annah Kornack, senior vice president and creative director at Holly Hunt PHOTO COURTESY OF HOLLY HUNT
Jo Annah Kornack, senior vice president and creative director at Holly Hunt

The number of possible options in this collection is staggering—what was the inspiration for launching the collection? Our wallcovering portfolio is made up of three core lines: Holly Hunt Walls, Carlisle & Co. and Assemblage. In developing this portfolio, we wanted to reinforce our commitment to design, materials and craftsmanship, and also provide both innovative and foundational wallcovering offerings.

For our initial launch of the Holly Hunt Walls line, we took the essence of our Great Plains textiles collection, which is known for curated colors and luxurious textures, and translated it to wallcovering. Assemblage, a line within the HH wallcovering portfolio, is run by a husband-and-wife duo in Arkansas and exemplifies Holly Hunt’s dedication to promoting handcrafted, artisanal products. Every part of their process is done by hand, using centuries-old techniques to craft made-to-order luxury wallcoverings with the highest-quality all-natural materials such as Venetian plaster, gold leaf, beeswax, shell and mica.

What I love about Carlisle & Co. is that they are real innovators with printing techniques, but marry this with handcrafted materials to create a specialty collection with details—like metallic foil underlays and hand-applied fibers—to create stunning patterns and sophisticated backdrops.

Please tell us a little about some of the luxe designs. HH Walls features Cumulus Shimmer, which is a stunning, almost ethereal wall covering. The paper is hand-dyed by artists, which makes each panel completely unique. The name comes from the clouds of dye that are used to create the dreamlike pattern. The luster comes from a metallic wash that is put on the panels. Bali, also part of HH Walls, is meant to bring in the feeling of beachside locales and tropical weaves through the use of complex vertical and horizontal paper weave. The textured surface invites an elegant but relaxed atmosphere in any space. Trifecta is mosaiclike and made from lotus leaf and sisal, with slight metallic accents interwoven into the panels. The pattern varies in texture and tone, creating a wonderfully organic yet beautiful aesthetic.

There are 500 SKUs in the collection—what’s the process of determining the patterns and color combinations? We always strive to provide an offering that is forward-thinking but still timeless. With the HH wallcovering portfolio, we wanted to prioritize a new way of thinking of interiors with a focus on space, simplicity, proportions and presentation.

You mention the magic word: timeless. How do homeowners achieve this with the new collection? [The collection] delivers quiet luxury, so the offering can fit into any space, depending on your aesthetic. Carlisle & Co., with its innovative print techniques and traditional craftsmanship, creates really unique offerings and delivers a classic yet modern look and feel. Assemblage creates truly bespoke walls, since everything is custom-made by hand. It can act almost as an artwork in a space, due to the materiality!

I know it might be like choosing your favorite child, but which wallcoverings in this collection do you adore? I don’t have a favorite child—I love all my children the same! However, some of my favorite patterns from each line are Quartz or Stepping Up from HH Walls, Arashi from Assemblage and Mineral from Carlisle & Co.

Photography by: Courtesy of Holly Hunt