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The integration of residential technology required for modern life into our home's decor can seem impossible. Our homes have transformed over the past year to become a school, office, movie theater, restaurant, gym, and more. Each of these uses demands dependable technology that can adapt to whatever the changing needs may be without losing the unique aesthetics that every homeowner painstakingly constructs. With the help of an expert custom integration firm, the technology systems are designed for the client's current needs and future desires in a way that blends seamlessly into the space.

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A.B.E. Networks is the expert custom integration firm that many homeowners, builders, and interior designers in the Washington DC metro area trust to produce stunning and intuitive technology systems. For over 30 years, they have differentiated their offerings through a holistic approach to projects by starting with the design phase. This is a space to collaborate with the client and their team to ensure that all perspectives are considered from the beginning. After the design phase, A.B.E. Networks utilizes its relationships with manufacturers and distributors to source vetted products that provide the best value. Knowledgeable project management, installation, and programming build on the foundation of design, engineering, and procurement. Staying malleable and perceptive to the ever-changing demands of the project are their keys to success. Attentive final fit and finish are also instrumental in delivering the desired result. Avi Benaim, founder and President of A.B.E. Networks, has built his reputation on customer service through client tutorials and continuing care. The client bond does not end when the project does.

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Behind the beauty of bespoke technology systems is the wiring. The wiring may not be the most exciting thing to consider; though a thorough infrastructure of cables hidden inside the walls and ceilings allows hardware to be placed in centralized locations while providing a better user experience.

Dressing the space with light enables a greater appreciation of the architecture and decor of the environment. Lighting automation control systems can also transform these areas as their purposes change throughout the day. Full dimming and color-changing capabilities can stimulate focus during the day and optimize relaxation at night. The control is as simple as pressing a button on keypads on the wall or speaking a given phrase. The elimination of banks of switches into singular keypads, and mobile application control, further enhances a cleaner aesthetic. Preset scenes are also available on the keypads and operate other systems like motorized window treatments, whole-home audio, and video entertainment as quickly as turning on a light.

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Music adds an extra element of ambiance to a home's decor but can detract if specified incorrectly. Utilizing speakers that match the recessed light fixtures in look and placement is the key. Invisible indoor speakers eliminate all aesthetic concerns, are placed between the studs, and mudded into the drywall. Similarly, speakers that look like landscape lighting create an immersive outdoor leisure experience from hidden sources.

To learn more about how A.B.E. Networks integrations technology into design, visit their website www.abenetworks.com.

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