DC's Men of the Moment

BY Emily Flamm, Michael McCarthy, Nevin Martell and Lauren Staehle | March 28, 2017 | Feature Features

Meet the gents who are having a moment. Actually, many moments. They're not only setting the stage for personal and professional triumphs in 2017, but also showcasing, writ large, the varied and rich elements of success around town.

The jazz man embodies the abiding legacy of Duke Ellington and future of the genre in DC.

“As the founder of the DC Jazz Lobby and artist-in-residence at Mr. Henry’s, I take all the art and passion of performance and channel it into writing policy. We’ve had [many recent] victories—we have an open dialogue about how the District approaches its artists. Through our efforts to lobby the Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment, we’re seeing DC performers getting screen time. We’re showing the government the impact creative folks have on the economy, and that allows us to lobby for things like affordable artist housing and better pay. When we started being intentional about this advocacy, conversations were hard to start. Artists had the attitude that the city and its politicians didn’t care. We’ve learned that the city does care, and we’ve made progress. We found enthusiasm. Other cities are adopting our models of advocacy. People need to know that this is not just a political city. When it comes to entertainment, DC is a competitor.”

Shot on location at Alice’s Jazz and Cultural Society; Wardrobe by designer Malcolm Staples at Malcolm’s Custom-Made to Fit

Co-founder of the recently launched travel TV show The Jet Set, the broadcaster aims to bring luxury back to the travel experience.

“I watched the travel industry change so much from the Golden Age. When I started as a flight attendant for American Airlines, it was right at the tail end of the best of times. Flying was becoming mass transportation. I was at American for almost 25 years, and I started producing a lot of the company’s videos and writing its curriculum for conferences, which got me into production. When I was at American, I had my own opinions about what would make travel better, and I just started going on morning news shows all over the United States, providing tips and talking about jetiquette. It’s more important than ever for people to be considerate of each other. Bobby Laurie and I developed the idea for The Jet Set and created a whole talk show around travel—bringing you back to the Golden Age of travel [some parts of the set are crafted from a deconstructed Boeing 747], and now we’re able to bring anything into the conversation.”

Shot on location at The Jet Set Studio

The Washington Capitals’ electric playmaker is a linchpin in the team’s Stanley Cup chase this spring.

“I didn’t even know about the NHL until I got older; then it became my dream to play at this level. I didn’t have one single hero. I watched a lot of players—how they played—and tried to do the same thing. And now, [at age 24], I feel lucky that I get to play with some of the best players in the world every day. It motivates me to always work to improve my game. I like to keep my workouts simple—stretch a bit, squats and bench press. Most of the time, it’s just practicing on the ice. We practice most days when we don’t have a game, so that really keeps us in shape. Of course, [there’s pressure to perform at the highest level], and there can be ups and downs since it’s a long season, but being with teammates and having the coaches’ support really helps me stay positive. That makes it a pleasure to play [in Washington in pursuit of the Stanley Cup]!”

Shot on location at Kettler Capitals Iceplex, Arlington, VA

One of DC’s most gifted mixologists is about to change the city’s cocktail-and-entertainment scene once again this spring.

“The first time I stepped behind the bar was when I worked at a little joint in Knoxville, Tenn., during college. But it was when I visited Death + Co. cocktail bar in New York City that I fell for the job. It wasn’t necessarily the drinks; it was watching the bartenders control the energy of the room. Opening Dram & Grain downstairs at Jack Rose in DC gave me the platform to make bartending into a career, while appearing on Bar Rescue gave me a lot of insight into how the business works. My first bar—Five to One, opening this spring—is named after my favorite Doors’ song and is right around the corner from the 9:30 Club, where I’ve been going to shows since I was in high school. Every night, our Set List menu will feature three cocktails inspired by the musician playing there, alongside our originals and covers of drinks from bartenders I love. I’m hoping to open my next bar, Marble Alley, by the end of this year.”

Shot on location at Cotton & Reed; hair and makeup by Logan 14 Salong Spa; jacket by Moods of Norway, tie and shirt by Eton, belt by W.Kleinberg, pants by Theory, shoes by Scarpe Di Bianco, all at Trunk Club; styling by Christina Williams; 1950 3 Days Automatic Ccciaio watch by Luminor Marina, $7,400, by Panerai at Liljenquist & Beckstead, Tysons Galleria

The hotel veteran recently opened one of the most anticipated luxury properties on the East Coast, Sagamore Pendry Baltimore, where he serves as GM.

“My father was in the clothing business, and he loved being with and entertaining people. This gave me an excellent example of daily hospitality. Hotels were an easy career choice for creating memorable experiences for guests. Like any opening of a hotel, the most exciting thing we will tell our associates at Sagamore Pendry on opening day is, ‘Welcome to your hotel; these doors will never be locked again.’ Hearing that for the first time years ago, I realized the responsibility and impact it would have on my life. Having opened beautiful properties around the world, the new property is the most unique. Repurposing the historic structure built in 1914 and merging it into a community will be special. The building, known as Recreation Pier, was the second largest port of entrance for immigrants into the United States, behind Ellis Island. A great mentor once told me, ‘If you want to find the best spot on a lake, look for the oldest pier.’ I called him recently and told him I literally found the oldest pier. Now we just need to make it the best spot on the lake—or,
in this case, the Inner Harbor.”

Shot on location at Sagamore Pendry Baltimore

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