Commonwealth Proper - The New American Tailors

By Commonwealth Proper By Commonwealth Proper | March 20, 2023 | Style & Beauty Sponsored Post


Established in 2008, Commonwealth Proper ( is a private, experiential retailer with showrooms in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. CMMP specializes in making custom suits, shirts, outerwear, formal wear and accessories. All CMMP custom clothing is made in the United States.


While CMMP is an innovative brand, it is rooted in timeless men’s styling. From soft shouldered jackets and medium width lapels to traditional color pairings, we believe that the American Gentleman exists.


A tailored fit is at the heart of all CMMP clothing. No matter the body type, we believe that men can look great by providing the right amount of drape to keep the garment functional as well as dashing. We take a modern approach to fit, not too tight, not too loose.


At CMMP, we value educating our clients on all things sartorial. It’s part of our consultation process as well as an ongoing service for our clients. While some trends come and go, we counsel to purchase a timeless wardrobe and we offer the tools to do so. Book today for your own, private consultation.


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