Cannovia, Beloved Yoga, BlueFlower and 11 other DC Healthful Haute Spots

Caroline Gaudette, Kelly Magyarics, Carly Roesen, Kristen Schott and Jessica Thompson | May 1, 2019 | Lifestyle

The healthiest among us have a mind, body and soul connection, and these DC gurus will help you live your best life right now.


Beloved Yoga’s moss wall

Alchimie Forever CEO Ada Polla’s dermatologist father launched the clean skincare line in Switzerland in the 1980s with celeb-favorite Kantic Brightening moisture mask. Today, the family business operates out of DC (and is sold at Salamander Resort & Spa). It recently launched an advanced retinol serum ($99)—the most “medical” item, says Polla, who lives in Georgetown and travels frequently for the brand. “For a long time, I didn’t want to offer a retinol: It falls outside of our focus on sensitive skin. Then I turned 40.” Next up is a new mask for acne-prone skin. It’s all part of Alchimie’s motto: “Self-care through skincare.” By appointment only, Georgetown,

CANNOVIA is a newbie, but its hemp-driven CBD products (from muscle gels to a beverage powder) tap into the trend—one that many claim helps with pain, anxiety and epilepsy. The Colorado-based brand’s operations (and CEO Brian Baum) are in Maryland. He favors the agave beverage powder ($80). “For me, the effects include increased energy, focus and elimination of mild joint pain,” he says. The powder is vegan, and THC- and gluten-free, and can be added to coffee or tea. More products are soon to launch too. West Friendship, Md.,

At 6,500 square feet, Beloved Yoga is the largest studio of its kind in the DMV, but it still maintains a serene vibe. Four spacious studios are joined by two smaller ones for private sessions and a well-being space for ayurveda, the more than 5,000-year-old vedic system of natural healing. A package of 10 one-hour therapeutic sessions ($750 to $1,100) lets people receive curated self-care plans. Reston, Va.,

If you could reflect your best self, instantly, wouldn’t you? That’s what Silver Mirror Facial Bar co-owners Matt Maroone and Cindy Kim were after when they opened their first studio in NYC. Come July, the spot debuts in DC. “We only provide facials,” says Maroone. “Nothing else.” They’ve whittled the process down to 30- or 50-minute treatments to get you in and out. Try the Experience Summer. It’s tailored to those who have seen too much sun and helps with dehydration. “We believe that by focusing on one service and perfecting it over many years,” says Maroone, “we have developed the best facial on the planet.” Memberships $64-$108 per month, Dupont Circle,

American Son restaurateur Tim Ma has a wellness menu that supports his mantra of serving clean food for healthy living. The lineup includes libations infused with superpower herbs (like the anti-inflammatory gifts of ginger and turmeric). For the morning after? A swig of fresh-pressed juice: Take Ma’s lead and add a shot of spirulina for a protein- and vitamin-rich boost. Downtown,

Jaime Bohl’s Lavender Retreat Wellness Club soothes with its wellness program that assesses your needs via a personalized health plan. “Knowledge is power,” she says. You’ll be evaluated by naturopathic physician Dr. Natalie Boulware, acupuncturist Frances Lutz and nutritionist Mary Phelps; the trio reviews medical history, lifestyle, biometrics and emotional well-being before creating a treatment using Eastern and Western healing. Says Bohl: “It’s about using your own power to choose your health.” $345, Capitol Hill,


Australia-born Angelika Alana’s health journey began as a child watching a family member struggle with addiction, but it wasn’t until young adulthood that she found her focus as a life coach working with private clients.

One look at Angelika Alana, and you want to glow like her—and with her exclusive partnership with Indigo Health Clinic, you can. Through her collaboration with Indigo, she supports clients’ journeys to full-body health through three-monthlong one-on-one coaching packages ($3,000).The yoga/meditation teacher and jet-setting life coach offers education on topics such as sleep, sex and energy in the mornings. You’ll have 24-hour WhatsApp access to Alana, session materials and an hourlong weekly video call. Georgetown,

Claudia Duran is Washington’s most experienced esthetician for men: The fellas have been her exclusive clientele for more than a decade. At her Skincare Studio, Duran provides services to both ladies and gents. Her customized treatments (price upon request) leverage only organic products like white algae, white tea, mineral seaweed and hyaluronic sea serum. Her technology includes microcurrent and LED therapy. “Men’s skin is thicker with many unique characteristics and treatment regimens,” she says. “Along with face and back waxing, I turn back the clock to a healthier, youthful appearance.” Georgetown,

Forward, a primary care membership, is expanding into DC in late spring. Founded by former Google executive Adrian Aoun, the program focuses on preventive care and ongoing wellness via advanced technology. Dr. David Popiel of GWU is the lead local physician. To get started, members have an hourlong baseline visit with Popiel that includes a biometric body scan, real-time blood and genetic tests, and a wellness consult. You’ll get unlimited visits, same-day appointments and around-the-clock access via the app. $149 per month,

MedLoft Spa is the brainchild of healthy couple Neil and Taina Porras. The medispa in Northern Virginia—with a DC spot in the works—specializes in noninvasive cryotherapy. Now, it’s rolling out Sélene by Cryo One (price upon request), a fat-busting, cellulite-eliminating masterpiece, says Neil. Fairfax, Va., and Georgetown,

The Elements DC was started to help kids experience the world around them—beyond their screens and in the great outdoors. It has since expanded to adults seeking to reconnect with nature via custom outings. Founder Margaret Rietano has worked with the likes of TTR Sotheby’s and is ramping up these experiences, whether they are a two-day “reTREAT” in Virginia; or a hike, happy hour and catered meal in the woods. “I believe in the power of being outdoors,” says Rietano, who has four kids. “I love leading these outings and witnessing as... connections flourish. The combination of time moving in nature is cathartic.” Even better: Elements donates a percentage of its proceeds to nonprofit City Kids Wilderness Project. Price upon request,


Alia Staples says Pilates is versatile because it focuses on the health of your body, connecting the muscles to work as one unit

The second The Pilates Loft Arlington just opened with the goal of catering to an exclusive group of clients who seek personalized sessions adapted for their unique fitness goals. “The DC fitness world is crowded with large group format classes designed for the masses,” says owner Alia Staples. “Whether you are cross-training for an Ironman or rehabbing a shoulder injury, Pilates will work for you.” The Pilates Loft is one of only 10 certifying centers in the country by the United States Pilates Association through The New York Pilates Studio Teacher Certification Program. Staples trains her instructors in-house via a 700-hour program to ensure clients receive instruction in the way Joseph Pilates would have wanted. The max number of attendees at a time is six. Private sessions, however, are the way to go, with use of the entire suite of equipment, including the reformer, Cadillac, chairs and barrels. $75-$85 per session, Columbia Pike,

Gazelle Hashemian founded BlueFlower, a DC-area natural and essential oil self-care product line, in 2015 after suffering from chronic health issues. The oils are sourced globally (think Italy and New Caledonia), with droppers and rollers of blends, and single iterations. The oils can help your gut (Belly Bliss) or respiratory system (Exhale). She’s also teamed with the InterContinental Washington DC – The Wharf to help travelers get their shut eye faster (Constellation suite $5,000 per night). A complimentary Dream roller is provided in-room (made with organic lavender, cedarwood, marjoram, vetiver, ylang-ylang, frankincense and fractionated coconut oil, along with vanilla CO2). “My evening ritual is to apply Dream on my pulse points (back of neck and wrist) when I am done washing my face and applying my night cream,” she says. Guests can buy the oils for treatments as well. $36 each,;

Equinox Restaurant is toasting its 20th anniversary this month by kicking its food waste and sustainability efforts into high gear. Chef Todd Gray and co-owner Ellen Kassoff are working with women-owned (r)evolve, a consulting firm that helps businesses to create zero-waste plans. The yearlong campaign, which began in 2018, includes rotating menu items with “trash” ingredients like carrot tops and cauliflower stems; a series of #NotWasted Dinners (the third is set for summer); and turning cooking oil into biodiesel. It’s a step in the right direction, says Kassoff. “Redirecting one-third of the food typically wasted in this country would be enough to feed the entire hungry population of the United States.” Downtown,


The Elements DC takes you out of your typical landscape and commute—such as on the Key Bridge—and into wilderness.


Photography by: Beloved Yoga by Helmuth Humphrey; Angelika Alana photo by Paul Scala; The Pilates Loft Arlington photo by Tell Chronicles; Key Bridge photo by Margaret Rietano